Sega Announces Smash Pack Dreamcast Bundle

The new Dreamcast bundle will include Genesis games and a previously unreleased version of Virtua Cop 2.


Sega announced today that a new Dreamcast bundle will be made available in January. The Smash Pack Bundle will include a Sega Dreamcast, a disc containing ten best-selling Sega Genesis titles, the Dreamcast VMU game Sega Swirl, and a previously unreleased Dreamcast version of Virtua Cop 2. The Smash Pack Bundle will retail for US$179.95.

"Sega has an incredible legacy of great content, which started in the arcades, progressed to the Genesis, and is now apparent today on the Dreamcast," said Charles Bellfield, vice president of corporate and marketing communications, Sega of America. "With this bundle, Sega is giving gamers not only a bit of nostalgia, but also even more reason to purchase the Dreamcast this holiday season."

The disc containing Genesis titles will reportedly include Sonic the Hedgehog, Vectorman, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage 2, Columns, Phantasy Star 2, Shining Force, and Wrestle War.

$44.00 on Amazon

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