Sega announces Quake III Arena online tournament

Players can now compete online to decide the best Quake III Arena player on the Dreamcast.


Sega of America has announced its first online console tournament for its Dreamcast game Quake III Arena. The Uncivil War tournament consists of two forms of online competition, open ladder and main tournament. The open ladder is a monthlong persistent competition where registered players are awarded points for match wins and losses. Players play as much or as little as they like, and their accumulated point totals are ranked on a weekly basis. The highest rated players are entered into the main tournament. The open ladder is open to SegaNet subscribers, SegaNet trial members, and society members.

The main tournament takes place on fixed schedules. There will be four tournament brackets with 32 registered players per bracket divided by geographic location. Regional winners will compete in national finals in the last week of the event to receive the grand prize of a customized blue and orange Sega Dreamcast engraved with the winners' names and their championship titles.

The Uncivil War tournament runs from February 22 through April 2. Players can register at

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