Sega announces PSP and DS titles

Sony's portable will get Puyo Pop Fever and Project S, while Nintendo's handheld will get Sonic DS and Project Rub.


Just hours after Sony and Nintendo unveiled their rival portables at E3, Sega has announced it is publishing two games for each platform.

Sony's PSP will get a version of the popular puzzle game Puyo Puyo Fever and an all-new title known only as "Project S." Sega didn't give any specific details on either game, but general manager Yuji Naka hinted that both would take advantage of the device's high-tech features. "We will propose a new style of gaming and entertainment that maximizes the features unique to PSP, such as network communication battle via wireless LAN and the face-to-face system that utilizes the 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD,” said Naka.

On the DS side, Sega is readying the internally developed--and temporarily titled--Sonic DS, the latest game to feature the publisher's emblematic blue hedgehog. The other game, Project Rub (working title), will take advantage of the DS's touch-sensitive second screen and "will be played by a new method of innovative control--'rubbing'--that has not been used in the games before now," according to Sega.

Naka also had only nice things to say about the DS. "Its great variety of input mechanisms has allowed us to create new forms of gaming that could not be experienced with previous games for the home market," he said.

Sega did not submit a release date for any of the four titles to the public.

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