Sega Announces More @barai Games

Sega announces more @barai titles for the Dreamcast, including Illbleed and Hundred Swords.


Today Sega announced more @barai games for the Dreamcast. Games such as Illbleed, Hundred Swords, The House of the Dead 2, Get Bass, Treasure Strike, Dynamite Cop 2, and Zombie Revenge will be the latest to receive @barai versions.

The @barai - available only in Japan at this time - is a system where consumers can play a portion of the game at a reduced price. If consumers are interested in playing the full version, they have to pay through the Internet, and the full version will be unlocked on the GD-ROM disc.

The first @barai game Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadia in North America and Europe) is scheduled for an October 5 release in Japan.

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