Sega and Nintendo form developmental partnership

Sega's Amusement Vision will create versions of F-Zero for Nintendo's GameCube and Triforce arcade board.


F-Zero GX

Sega and Nintendo issued a press release today stating that the companies are codeveloping two F-Zero games, inspired by the 1991 futuristic racing game for the Super Nintendo. F-Zero for the GameCube as well as F-Zero AC for Nintendo's Triforce arcade board are currently in development by Sega's Amusement Vision development studio. The two versions will be linked together using the GameCube's Memory Card 59. In addition, Nintendo will be handling the publishing duties for the GameCube version while Sega will take on the reponsibility of releasing the arcade game. F-Zero is expected to be shown in some form at this year's E3.

Both games are scheduled for release in Japan at the end of the year. We'll have more information on each of them as it becomes available.

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