Sega and Gearbox respond to Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit

Developer Gearbox calls the lawsuit alleging false advertising "beyond meritless."


Aliens: Colonial Marines publisher Sega and developer Gearbox Software have responded to the false advertising claims alleged in a class action lawsuit.

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"Sega cannot comment on specifics of ongoing litigation, but we are confident that the lawsuit is without merit and we will defend it vigorously," said a Sega spokesperson to Kotaku.

Gearbox also called the suit "beyond meritless" in a statement. "Attempting to wring a class action lawsuit out of a demonstration is beyond meritless. We continue to support the game, and will defend the rights of entertainers to share their works-in-progress without fear of frivolous litigation," said a spokesperson for the Borderlands 2 developer.

The lawsuit, filed earlier this week in a Californian court by firm Edelson LLC, claimed that the final game "bore little resemblance" to the early footage of Aliens: Colonial Marines shown in demos and gameplay trailers.

Aliens: Colonial Marines launched this year to a negative reception: GameSpot awarded the game a 4.5 in its review. Controversy surrounding the game continued, with posts by frustrated ex-developers, and questions over how much of the game was outsourced to other studios.

One of the Aliens: Colonial Marines developers, TimeGate Studios, has recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

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