Sega And Atari Classic Consoles' Prices Announced

The two retro consoles go on sale this fall for $80 each.


SNES Classic isn't the only option retro-gaming fans will have this year; new plug-and-play versions of classic Sega and Atari systems are also slated to arrive in fall. Today, AtGames has revealed prices for the retro consoles, which fans will be able to pre-order later this month.

The Sega Genesis Flashback, the latest plug-and-play version of Sega's most iconic console, will retail for $80 when it releases. The system comes pre-loaded with a selection of 85 games, including those from classic series such as Mortal Kombat, Shining Force, and Phantasy Star. The console also features a cartridge port that allows you to play "almost all" original Genesis cartridges, two ports for wired controllers, as well as a slew of modern amenities, including two wireless Genesis-style controllers, 720p HDMI output, and a save/pause/rewind feature for every game.

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The Atari Flashback 8 Gold likewise retails for $80, but this console comes pre-loaded with 120 titles, including Pitfall, Space Invaders, and Frogger. Two wireless Atari 2600-style controllers are also included with the console, with an additional two ports for wired ones. It also supports 720p HDMI output and features scanline filtering and the ability to save/pause/rewind for every title.

The two Flashback consoles are the high-end offerings from AtGames' lineup. The company has also announced several other versions of the Sega and Atari consoles, which retail for $60 each and likewise release this fall. You can find out more about those versions on AtGames' website.

Pre-orders for the Sega Genesis Flashback and Atari Flashback 8 Gold open at all major retailers on July 28. Meanwhile, US retailers have yet to begin taking pre-orders for the SNES Classic, though fans can reserve the console's companion book now on Amazon. Atari has also announced it is releasing a brand-new console that will offer both "current" and "classic" content, though it currently doesn't have a release date.

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