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Emergence's Seer can be a terrifyingly powerful threat in enclosed spaces.


Apex Legends has no shortage of characters to play, but if you're looking for a powerful recon legend, you won't need to look much further than Seer. This legend is ideally suited to scouting and tracking, and unlike Valkyrie and Bloodhound, Seer is better equipped for the latter than the former. This sneaky character may not be able to get a lay for the land like Bloodhound or transport his allies to safety in the manner Valkyrie can, but his scanning abilities make him a threat in close quarters. Below, we'll give you some insight into playing as Seer, including his strengths and weaknesses, and we'll also detail which legends pair well with this ambush artist.

Seeing everything with these fancy abilities

Seer's passive ability Heart Seeker lets him hear and visualize the heartbeats of enemies within 75m while aiming down sights, which is especially useful for tracking the sneakiest of foes.

Meanwhile, Focus of Attention is his tactical ability, and it summons micro-drones that emit a delayed blast that goes through walls, interrupting and revealing enemies--including those who are healing or reviving.

Lastly, his ultimate ability Exhibit will create a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within, though it has some notable limitations that will be mentioned below.

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Know your strengths and weaknesses

Seer is a stealth-based tracker, ideally suited for pinpointing an enemy's location and surprising them with a carefully orchestrated ambush. He excels at close- to mid-range, so he should take the lead when enemies are within 75-100m. You should grab weapons designed for that range (our favorites are the G7 Scout, 30-30 Repeater, Bocek Compound Bow, and Rampage LMG) and take on a more supportive role from behind the close-range fighters on your squad if combat occurs in an open space.

Because of the limited range of his abilities, Seer is tailored to very specific situations--remaining in constant contact with your team and knowing the layout of the battlefield is key to success. Many legends have abilities geared to helping them overcome mistakes; Seer does not. So to best utilize his abilities, it's ideal to have a basic understanding of how to best approach all major points of interest and know where your allies are in relation to the enemy at all times.

Surprisingly enough, Seer's greatest weakness is the sky. Because of the delay on Focus of Attention, it can be trickier to time it with a falling/flying target than one running along the ground. Additionally, Exhibit stops tracking targets once they've left the ground for a certain amount of time (no matter how fast they're moving). A small jump won't get you off Seer's radar, but Pathfinder's Zipline Gun, Octane's Jump Pad, Horizon's Gravity Lift, and both Valkyrie's VTOL Jets and Skyward Dive will.

Pair up with legends who compliment you

Bloodhound is one of the best legends to pair with Seer as Bloodhound can first use their abilities to cast a wide net and figure out the general location where enemies are hiding. Afterward, Seer can use his abilities to pinpoint the enemy squad's exact location.

Bangalore is a surprisingly helpful pairing as well. Using her Smoke Launcher, Bangalore can fill rooms with smoke, blinding friend and foe alike--unless Seer is there to use Exhibit, highlighting the enemies through the smoke. Your enemies won't be able to see you, but you and your teammates will be able to see them. Caustic works for this strategy too, but he can't blanket as wide an area as quickly as Bangalore can.

Because Seer has such a small window of effectiveness, any legend that can help him quickly move across open fields to reach the more enclosed spaces where he excels is a worthwhile partner. Pathfinder and Octane are our favorites, but Valkyrie and Wraith work too.

You're going to get countered sometimes, though

Seer's direct counter is Mirage. Though the holographic trickster's decoys don't produce heartbeats, they all get tagged as targets in Seer's Exhibit. If you see a Seer Exhibit, send in a decoy with your two squadmates while you wrap around and you'll possibly trick the Seer into thinking your two allies are a full squad. And once you actually are on the Seer, use Mirage's ultimate ability--Seer will be so overloaded with information, it will prove difficult for him to react before you get a few shots on him first.

Keep in mind: Mirage's decoys need to be in close proximity to Seer for Mirage to be a direct counter. From a distance, it's much easier to discern which Mirage is a decoy and which is the real deal--at that point, Seer is more a direct counter to Mirage.

Both Revenant and Caustic are good counters to Seer as well, though to a lesser extent. Revenant can use his Death Totem outside of Exhibit before walking into it as a shadow to scout the area without much consequence, and maybe even manage to Silence the Seer before getting sent back to the totem. And Seer's abilities do not pick up or destroy Caustic's traps--if Seer manages to scan you while you're playing as Caustic, throw up some Nox Gas Traps and just wait for him to come to you.

Though not a direct counter to Seer, Wraith does not appear in his Exhibit nor on his Heart Seeker while she's using Into the Void. So she can get the drop on him provided the battlefield is noisy enough to mask the unique sound she makes while entering and exiting the void.

Acclimate yourself to how Heart Seeker works

Though Seer's passive ability has an audible range of 75m, Heart Seeker can sense heartbeats beyond that provided you have direct line of sight. The ability can track up to 10 heartbeats but will only play audio for the closest one. Those heartbeats will quicken the weaker an enemy is. If you hear a really fast heartbeat, that means the enemy closest to you has very low health--you might be able to knock them with a single Focus of Attention blast.

Keep in mind that you can use Heart Seeker without actually holding a firearm--just aim down sights while not holding a gun or grenade. Also, your minimap tells you what area you're sensing with Heart Seeker--this is helpful if you're having trouble gauging 75m.

Though his tactical ability does do a slight amount of damage (10 points of damage--it's really not that much), Seer's abilities are all primarily geared around gathering and sharing information with his squad, so don't rely on Heart Seeker as an opportunity for damage potential.

Focus of Attention is named that for a reason, so go get 'em

Focus of Attention can interrupt foes who are helping or reviving, so make sure to toss it out when tracking a recently-attacked enemy. However, the ability also stops certain legend abilities too. Use Focus of Attention to interrupt a Pathfinder's Grappling Hook, Wraith's Into the Void (provided she's still in the midst of activating it), and Valkyrie's VTOL Jets.

In other words, this ability's main focus is to ensure your enemy can't get away or perform defensive functions, giving you and your team an opportunity to rush them and wrap up kills. In other words, don't bother regularly sending your micro-drones out just to pester your foes--use it when you're ready to commit and rush them down.

Exhibit is great, but it has some limitations

Exhibit is an excellent tracking ability and can be very versatile. It doesn't create a dome but rather makes a sphere. Therefore, if you're above an enemy squad, you can toss out Exhibit to mark everyone below you. This makes tracking your opponents considerably easier in buildings with multiple levels.

Unfortunately, Exhibit can be easily destroyed by attacking the heart chamber that Seer throws out to activate it, so be sure to toss the chamber to a place behind cover where enemies can't easily get to it. If it's out in the open, you can bet it won't last very long.

Additionally, enemies crouching within the radius of your sphere won't be highlighted, so smart teams who aren't being aggressively pushed may opt to move quietly in the area to reduce the effectiveness of your ultimate ability. With that being said, in many cases it's best to be ready to push the team right after using Exhibit so that you can capitalize on its intel.

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