See What's in The Last Guardian's Collector's Edition in This Unboxing Video

The Last Guardian finally comes out next week.


After more than eight years of development, The Last Guardian is finally coming out next week on PlayStation 4. Now, Sony has published an unboxing video that shows off everything that comes with the game's $120 Collector's Edition. PlayStation social media manager Sid Shuman and PlayStation Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida are on hand to walk you through the bundle.

As you'll see, the premium package includes a physical copy of The Last Guardian in a steelbook case. You also get the game's 10-song soundtrack, which you can redeem on the PlayStation Store. It's mentioned in the video that the soundtrack will be available to purchase on iTunes and the PlayStation Store at launch, while a vinyl version is coming at a later date.

Another item included with The Last Guardian's collector's edition is an art book that contains concept art and sketches, some of which were drawn by creative director Fumito Ueda. You also get a sticker packet, containing some of the bird-cat-dog creature Trico, as well as the young boy that you play as.

Finally, the centerpiece of the collector's edition is a gorgeous-looking statue of Trico and the boy. It depicts a dozy Trico with the boy standing on its head.

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As mentioned, it's been a long road to release for The Last Guardian. The game was announced at E3 2009, when it was a PlayStation 3 game. After that, on multiple occasions, it had been thought that the project was abandoned.

Ueda left Sony is 2011, though he continued to work on the game on a freelance basis. At E3 2015, Sony announced that the game shifted to PS4, going on to schedule it for an October release. That didn't happen, as the project was pushed back to its current December 6 release date.

In a note, Ueda acknowledged the "twists and turns" of The Last Guardian's development. He also remarked that making the game "took longer than anyone expected."

Watch the first nine minutes of The Last Guardian here.

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