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See The Most Anticipated PS4-Exclusive Games Of 2018

There's lots to be excited about for PlayStation 4 fans.

PS4 had tons of triumphs in 2017, with platform exclusives like Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn gaining critical acclaim and legions of fans. It looks like it's full steam ahead for Sony in 2018, with many more PlayStation 4 exclusives on the books. To get a look at some of the gameplay that's in store for the coming year, check out the video above.

As far as blockbuster releases, Spider-Man is set to be one of the biggest for the console in 2018. The game will be packed with lots of physics-defying action that promises to be a delight for fans of the series. God of War will be back, with this entry into the series taking Kratos to a land dominated by Nordic gods and monsters. Another epic title, PS2's Shadow of the Colossus, will get a remake on PlayStation 4.

Detroit: Become Human is coming this year, too. The new project from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream and director David Cage allows you to shape the outcome of the story based on your choices during calm and intense scenes. The game will explore the relationships between people and artificial intelligence in a world where robots look and sound exactly like humans. If you're in the mood for something straight up scary, instead, survival horror game Days Gone, about a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world, is coming this year.

There are many other PS4 exclusives due out in 2018, like Yakuza 6, Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory, and several PSVR titles like The Inpatient (the prequel to Until Dawn) and Golem. For all the PS4 exclusives, check out our gallery of all the PS4 exclusive games confirmed for 2018 so far. There are also tons of multi-platform games to look forward to, and you can check out our list of the most anticipated PS4 games to get a sense of everything coming to the system. For a cross-platform look at the games we're most excited about, read our story about the 20 biggest games to play in 2018.

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