See the Impressive-Looking Footage of the Reportedly Canceled Halo Megabloks Game

It was not meant to be.


Microsoft and Megabloks were working together on a Halo Megabloks game for Xbox 360, apparently, but it was not meant to be. Andrew Borman of Preserving Gaming History today published a video providing a history of the game, which was reportedly in development at N-Space before being canceled in 2013. The video also contains some footage of the ill-fated game; check it out below (via Kotaku).

The game, which apparently ran on Unreal Engine 3, looks pretty solid. You would control a Megablok Spartan and fight against Covenant forces using famous Halo weapons like the Battle Rifle, Needler, and Energy Sword, among many others. There was also going to be customizable vehicles, co-op, platforming sections, some Lego-style humor, and a Horde-style "Besieged" mode.

Although this game never came to fruition, 343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross recently said the developer is receiving requests to make Halo games that appeal to a younger audience. So maybe a Halo Megabloks game or something like it could come out in the future. In another recent interview, Ross talked about growing the Halo franchise with new ideas without losing the "core spirit" of the series.

Microsoft and Megabloks currently are working together on physical Halo Megabloks toys.

Borman previously showed off a canceled Diddy Kong game called Diddy Kong Racing Adventures.

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