See Teaser For Google's Big Gaming Announcement

Google's "vision for the future of gaming" is coming into focus.


Google is set to make a big-time gaming announcement next week during the Game Developers Conference, and now the company has released a teaser video.

Google plans to reveal its "vision for the future of gaming" during the March 19 event, and this teaser video may contain some initial clues. As you can see, it appears to reference a number of different game genres, including sports, racing, action, fantasy, and others. The suggestion could be that Google's new gaming platform would be a place for all of them.

Whatever the case, we'll learn more soon. The event is scheduled for 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on March 19. The event will be streamed live, and GameSpot will bring you all the news from the show as it happens.

One part of Google's reveal might be related to Project Stream, the company's ambitious game-streaming platform. Last year, Google partnered with Ubisoft to make Assassin's Creed Odyssey playable in a browser. There are also rumors about Google's "Project Yeti," which could be the company's take on a home console.

For more on cloud gaming, check out GameSpot's primer that explains what cloud gaming is all about and how it could shake up the industry.

In other Google news, the company recently hired former Ubisoft and EA boss Jade Raymond as a new vice president. Given her background, it seems likely that she'll be contributing to Google's new gaming division, but nothing is certain yet.

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