See Someone Play Smash Bros. on a Twitch Chat-Controlled Couch

Is this the most extreme "Twitch Plays" video ever? See for yourself.


The latest "Twitch Plays" video takes the concept further than you probably would have ever imagined. As part of a pre-Super Bowl event this past weekend, Twitch partnered with pizza rolls company Totino's for what they called the "Bucking Couch Bowl." For the competition, popular streamers had to sit on a couch-shaped mechanical bull and attempt to play games like Rocket League, Starwhal, and Super Smash Bros.

It went about as well as you would have guessed. Check out the video below, from streamer Jericho's run at Super Smash Bros.

A Totino's representative told GameSpot that the event, the inaugural Bucking Couch Bowl, was a big hit. In terms of viewership, more than 311,000 people tuned in and watched for more than 1.7 million minutes.

166,740 messages were sent to control the couch and 34,186 Bucking Couch emotes were used.

The streamer summit1g ended up winning, claiming the first-ever Bucking Bowl trophy. There is no word yet on if the event will return for 2017, but we hope it does.

Twitch Plays videos date back to February 2014 or possibly earlier. For those unaware, it works by taking commands in the Twitch chat and translating them into movements onscreen. People have conducted Twitch Plays videos for a variety of games, including Pokemon, Halo, and Dark Souls.

For a period of time, you could even watch a real fish try to play Pokemon.

In January, Twitch established a new directory specifically for Twitch Plays videos. The company said it hopes this would make it easier for people to release the videos and for viewers to discover them.

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I really love the creativity of social media. Great job Twitch

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This is why the Twitch Plays stuff is old now.

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Having sex on that rotating couch could be fun :-p

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Nice bucking couch! I'm always asking people "could you scoot over so i can sit on the bucking couch, for once?" "Why don't you get off the bucking couch and look for a bucking job, Gary!"

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I just did a Picard facepalm.

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I was actually hoping it would look more like this:

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How much more awesome would this have been if it were the orange Nickelodeon couch??

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Content found on Reddit can always be found here 24 hours later. Great reporting.

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@curtiscurtis06: It's the same for a lot of "video game" websites. Glorified blogs covering Reddit/YouTube/Twitch content with a few original articles here and there.

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@Poison-tooth: Couldn't agree more.

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@curtiscurtis06: Not everyone is a reddit slave.

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@KahnArtizt: I think you missed the point. That's okay though - someday.