See Overwatch's New Legendary Lucio Skin Before The Cosmetics Update Releases

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There are only three more days before Overwatch's big cosmetics update and Blizzard's keeping the countdown hot. Today, the team revealed one more legendary skin.

The new skin is called Capoeira Lucio. It features the Brazilian DJ, but just a tad more exposed. Not only has he lost his goggles and top, he's got a brand new tattoo on his shoulder. In addition to this more 'lax version of the wildly popular musician, his weapons and armor are also a little more low-tech.

Earlier this week, the team revealed a new skin for Pharah that leans into her Egyptian heritage called Asp Pharah. The countdown will continue for the next few days, revealing new items coming to the game. Game director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the update won't just be for legendary and higher-tier items, the base loot boxes will be getting a refresh too.

In other Overwatch news, the Overwatch league is underway. Here's how to get every team skin, and each schedule, game and result for week two of the season.

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