See New Resident Evil: Vendetta Movie Images Featuring Classic Characters

Resident Evil: Vendetta comes out in Japan in spring 2017 and features Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield.


Resident Evil: Vendetta is set to release spring 2017 in Japan, and at the Tokyo Game Show, new images of the movie were released to show off two of the series' most iconic characters.

Vendetta features Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 4), Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5), and Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil 0). The released images showcase Leon and Chris, but not much is shown besides the two characters. We do know that the film's setting will take place at least partially at an isolated mansion, much like the original game. You can see the characters in the image gallery below, courtesy of Reddit user Adawongs.

Image Source: Anime! Anime!
Image Source: Anime! Anime!

Our first look at Vendetta's Leon came this past March, alongside the announcement of the movie's title. Japanese CGI animation company Marza Animation Planet released an image of the character with a Ducati motorcycle as part of an advertising agreement. He'll ride the bike in Vendetta during certain scenes and the film's climax.

Vendetta is written by Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass) and directed by Takanori Tsujimoto (Hard Revenge Milly, Ultraman X). The Grudge creator Takashi Shimizu serves as executive producer on the project, and long-time Resident Evil developer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is on board as executive supervisor. Kobayashi has also served as producer on the first two animated Resident Evil movies, Degeneration and Damnation, in addition to some of the live-action films.

2017 will see another Resident Evil movie in The Final Chapter, which is the aptly named finale to the live-action Resident Evil series starring Milla Jovovich. It comes to theaters in January, the same month Resident Evil 7 releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We recently talked to Matt Mercer, the voice of Leon in Vendetta, about Resident Evil 7 and how the game is "scaling back" on classic cameos.

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