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Soon it will be easier to find Forge creations.


Halo 5: Guardians has a lot of really cool user-made Forge creations like Halo's version of Quidditch and Star Wars podracing. Right now, finding Forge creations is not the easiest or fastest of processes, but that's set to change soon with the release of Halo 5's file browser.

Developer 343 Industries has now released some new images of the browser, showing off its user interface, which looks pretty slick. Users can search for creations using filters like maps, game modes, Forge object groups, or the name of a content creator. There are also filters for featured and most-liked, which should make it easy and quick to find something interesting.

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343 is putting the "finishing touches" on Halo 5's file browser. This will come to the Xbox One game through its next update, though there is no word on when it will be delivered.

Halo 5's file browser was announced at RTX 2016 last month. It will be available for Xbox One as well as Windows 10 when Halo 5's Forge tools are released on PC.

In other Halo news, some new Halo Wars 2-themed Xbox Live Avatar props have been released, including Atriox Mace Toy ($2), UNSC Jackrabbit ($4), and Banished Chopper ($4). Additionally, 343 has again teased new Halo 5 DLC, this time releasing some awesome-looking concept art for it.

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