See Mark Wahlberg Endure Oil Rig Disaster in New Deepwater Horizon Trailer

Deepwater Horizon opens in September 2016.


Whereas the first trailer for Deepwater Horizon only teased the oil rig disaster, a new video released this week showcases the tragedy in greater detail.

The new trailer, titled "Heroes," shows Mark Wahlberg's character fighting to survive after the oil rig explodes. It's pretty intense. Take a look:

The real-world Deepwater Horizon explosion occurred in 2010, killing 11 crew members, and resulting in one of the most widespread oil spills in US history. The oil rig's operator, BP, eventually settled with the United States Justice Department to the tune of $20 billion.

Wahlberg plays one of the survivors, Mike Williams. The film also stars Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Kate Hudson, and Dylan O'Brien. It is directed by Lone Survivor's Peter Berg and opens on September 30.

You can watch the first Deepwater Horizon trailer here.

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