See Mario Football Game Dreamed Up by Fan in Impressive Images

The images show what a Mario American football game would look like.


Mario has played a lot of sports in his life, but American football is not one of them. Now, one fan has dreamed up a football game starring the Italian plumber and has created some impressive images to go along with it.

Reddit user SyBro posted in the Nintendo subreddit about their idea for a "Super Mario Football" game, and they've put some serious thought into it. The fictional game's name is Super Mario Huddle and would feature gameplay similar to NFL Blitz and the Madden games on Wii.

Image Credit: SyBro on Reddit
Image Credit: SyBro on Reddit
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Star characters like Mario, Peach, and Donkey Kong would fill the role of quarterback. SyBro says they'd each have a "unique skillshot" with limited uses like in Mario Power Tennis, and it would be activated in a similar way to Super Mario Strikers. The Reddit user imagines Mario having a Burning Bullet Pass, Bowser Jr. with a Clown Car ejection, and Wario passing gas.

SyBro mentions that they think the GameCube controller would work the best, as each button is easily identifiable by size and color, making it easy to know where you want to throw it. They added there could be a classic 11-versus-11 mode, alongside an item-based 6v6 mode, while a cooperative mode could put the second player in control of the tight end.

You can read more about SyBro's fictional football game on the Reddit thread here or the Imgur link here.

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