See How Xbox One, PS4's Divinity: Original Sin Combat Works on a Controller

New interface highlighted.


Ahead of its console debut later this month, Larian Studios has released a new video showcasing how the game--and specifically combat--controls when using a PS4 or Xbox One controller.

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The trailer highlights how dynamic combat is, allowing you to combine different sorts of attacks to take down your enemies. It also shows how you can scroll through your skill bar, snap to targets, and access your inventory. You may need to rewatch the trailer or skip back a few times--things are shown (and described) awfully quickly.

Original Sin was originally built for a keyboard-and-mouse control scheme. While precision is important--taking one step too far can ruin you for one reason or another, as PC players can attest--it looks as if using a controller shouldn't put you at a serious disadvantage.

Also seen during the trailer is the game's split-screen co-op mode. This was showcased more in-depth in another recent trailer. When players are close enough to each other, they'll share one screen. If they wander apart, the screen splits vertically to give them each their own view.

Original Sin, GameSpot's PC Game of the Year in 2014, comes to consoles as an Enhanced Edition on October 27. Also headed to PC players as a free update, the Enhanced Edition sports new locations and quests, more voice acting, story tweaks, and changes to the crafting system, among other things.

A sequel, Divinity: Original Sin II, was recently funded through Kickstarter and is expected out next year.

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