See How They Made Uncharted 4's Impressive Dancing Taunts

Naughty Dog didn't plan to include dancing taunts at the start of development.


After you wipe out a foe in Uncharted 4's multiplayer mode, you have the option to dance on their grave as a taunt. If you've played the game, you know there are lots and lots of dances featured in the game--and they look pretty incredible.

Now, Sony has released a behind-the-scenes video that reveals how the dance taunts were made. In the video, lead animator Jeremy Yates reveals that the dances were not always part of the plan. It wasn't until the development's "peak" that someone on his team came forward with the idea. Yates loved it and, being a fan of professional choreographer Matt Steffanina, sought him out to come work on the game. Steffanina agreed, and, together with another pro choreographer, Dana Alexa, they recorded the dances.

Alexa remarked that performing the dances in a tight motion-capture suit was "a little hard." She also lamented that there is not as much "swag" associated with dancing in a motion-capture suit. "You try to do your grooves and stuff, and I miss my baggy pants," she said.

The end result speaks for itself--her and Steffanina definitely supplied some nice moves.

While the Uncharted 4 campaign story might be serious and grave in nature, the multiplayer is a different animal.

"We're very serious about our story, but it was a chance for our production team to work on something fun," Yates said about the multiplayer mode and its over-the-top nature.

Uncharted 4's recent Lost Treasures free expansion added even more dance taunts (as well as new maps, guns, and ranked play) to the multiplayer mode. Naughty Dog has quite a lot more Uncharted 4 multiplayer updates coming, so if you haven't found a dance that suits you just yet, or if you want to bust a move in a different way, you may eventually get what you seek.

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