See How Metroid Prime Remastered Stacks Up Visually To The Original

Developer Retro Studios did more than a simple upscale for the classic GameCube game.


After years of rumors, Nintendo finally revealed Metroid Prime Remastered for Switch yesterday. But this updated version of the GameCube title isn't just a simple HD upscale of the original. Developer Retro Studios reworked the visuals, even creating new models for Samus Aran and boss characters.

You can see the improvements for yourself with our graphics comparison video below. The differences are apparent almost immediately with Metroid Prime's intro on the Frigate Opheon, which is orbiting Tallon IV. The ship sports more details and better lighting, with the planet in the background getting an upgrade too.

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Samus looks dramatically better. The bounty hunter's suit shows off more colors and reflections, and maybe most notably, her arm cannon features pulsating yellow lights. Her gunship received a nice facelift as well.

The first Metroid Prime boss is the Parasite Queen within the frigate. And Retro clearly spruced up the enemy's model, with scales on the stomach and horns protruding from the back. Ridley also was touched up by the developer.

Metroid Prime Remastered was surprise-dropped yesterday for Switch. It's available digitally for $40 and will be released physically February 22. For more, check out all the big Nintendo Direct February announcements.

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