See Halo Arbiter's Numerous Killer Instinct Armor Sets

Arbiter arrives soon.


Halo's Arbiter is coming to free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct this week with the Season 3 update, and now developers 343 and Iron Galaxy have showcased the game's numerous armor sets. There are a lot.

We already knew the names and some details about the armor sets, but in a blog post, 343 released lots of images of them that give you a better idea of what to expect.

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The Default sets include Kaidon, Commander, Ascetic, and Storm (a paid accessory option). There will also be a series of Retro sets, including Arbiter (Halo 2-era), Elite Supreme Commander, Zealot, and Ranger.

You can see some of these armor sets, and the further customization options, in the gallery above. Even more images are available in the blog post. The full blog post offers a deep, deep dive into Arbiter's appearance in Killer Instinct and is well worth a read for Halo fans.

Arbiter's stage, Arena of Judgment, is dynamic, with the war between the Swords of Sanghelios and Covenant playing out in the background as you play your own match. According to 343's Kenneth Peters, the stage pushes Killer Instinct's scripting capabilities "to the limit."

Season 3 launches on March 29. It'll be available for $20 on both Xbox One and PC and includes a total of eight characters, four of which will be available at launch: Arbiter, Rash, Tusk, and Kim Wu. Just this week, Iron Galaxy teased the next new character, a vampire believed to be Mira.

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