See Halo 5's Absolutely Brutal New Assassinations

Oh Snap takes on new meaning.


Included with this week's Halo 5: Guardians free update, The Cartographer's Gift, are two new assassinations. Now, developer 343 Industries has shared some animated GIFs showing them off. While other Halo 5 assassinations have something of a humorous tone, these are brutal.

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The first is called Nice Try. It's called that because the player who is about to die, in a last-ditch effort, performs a roundhouse kick. Unfortunately for that player, it doesn't work out, and they end up getting pile-driven into the ground and then Gears of War-style curb-stomped. Ouch.

Next up is the Oh Snap assassination. For this one, the player who scores the assassination breaks the other player's arm and then stabs them in the face with their blade. It's pretty vicious.

You can take a look at both through the animated GIFs below, which 343 made and shared in this blog post. In Halo 5, assassinations can be interrupted. So there's a chance you can save your teammates and spare them from these horrific ways to die if you're quick enough.

Nice Try

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Oh Snap

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The two new assassinations are just a small part of The Cartographer's Gift. The update, which is free, also includes new multiplayer maps for Arena and Warzone, more than 50 fresh Reqs, and the new Forge mode.

For more on Forge specifically, you can read GameSpot's interview with its designers here.

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