See Gears of War 4's New Knife Execution in Action

See how Gears of War 4 characters place knives into monster faces.


If you want to see a monster get stabbed in the face, then today's your lucky day: Gears of War 4's knife execution has been posted to the official Gears of War YouTube channel.

In the video titled "Goodbye Face," the player grabs a Swarm Sniper and pulls it out of its cover. Just as the sniper stands up and brushes itself off, the player stabs it in the face. It seemed a little rude, but we don't know exactly what happened before this clip, so the sniper might have deserved it. You can watch the video below and decide for yourself.

If you want to see more weapon executions, you can check out the Dropshot gun's right here. You can also see what it looks like to score a headshot with it here.

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