See Canceled Mortal Kombat HD Screenshot

"Hi-Res Kombat."


Some time ago, an HD version of the original Mortal Kombat fighting game was in the works, but it was not meant to be. All is not lost, however, as a single image of the game has now emerged, posted on Twitter by Mortal Kombat franchise creator Ed Boon. Take a look at the image below.

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There may be a story to tell regarding why the game never happened. "Hi-Res Kombat .... one of these days I'll post an article explaining how the MK HD edition never came to be.....," Boon said.

As Game Informer notes, it's not immediately clear if this is an actual screenshot from the game or rather promotional art or something else.

The latest Mortal Kombat game was Mortal Kombat X, which launched in April 2015. Developer NetherRealm will continue to support the game with new DLC characters in 2016.

Would you have been interested in Mortal Kombat HD? Let us know in the comments below.

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Man...this brings tears of sadness to my eyes. The day they canceld this game is probably the day when mortal kombat made a turn twords that comic book bullshi* we see today. Just think how cool MK games would be if they stuck to their roots and improved on it. :(

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I don't buy/care for HD versions of games I already own. I rather they release new games.

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Put it on the Vita and I'll buy it twice!

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I would buy an HD remake like this of the first 3 for sure. You telling me I could jack to these characters in HD!! No I'm just kidding I would buy it though.

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However much I would appreciate to get a HD remake for the MK digitized character with UMK 3 style gameplay, I call this fake and Boon is trolling us.

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@allenella: Yeah, except there are other images as well to MKII that have been around for a while now. These HD-upgrades were supposed to be part of an HD Trilogy remake that eventually became the Arcade Kombat Kollection.

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Yeah I would get it. MK3 is still my favorite fighting game.

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@thermalmotion: I prefer MK2 myself and I think it is considered better overall, but UMK3 was great too.

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It was fun in it's day, but not sure it would hold up well today.

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@bigruss730: I would buy it and many 30 plus gamers too.

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@tinoush: 30 plus Gamers don't come cheap !!

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It does look good - but why remake that game anyways? People are more geared towards MKX. Speaking of which it might be $10..... but I don't think it would sell well just for an HD remake when you can put quarters into an arcade unit..... or play the plug'n'play version.

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I want this game right now. This game has needed an update forever, but I image they'd need to capture high quality images of actors.... Unless it goes the cartoony look? What would that cost them? Anyways, I'd love to see a 60fps 4K Mortal Kombat.

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@zappa2001: Er... 60fps 4K mortal combat would look absolutely horrendous and be completely unplayable.

I'm not sure most MK 1 characters have 60 frames of animation in their entire library, and adding it would make the entire pace of the game turn to garbage.

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@kiddynamo: Assuming the screenshot we have here is genuine, they would have been filming new graphics from scratch. Although the game is MK1, Sonya is in her MK3 outfit and that's certainly not Elizabeth Malecki and I don't think it's Kerri Hoskins either, though the character portrait is.

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Too bad that bloated mess they called MKX was a huge success. I'd give my little finger for another game in the same style as MK9. Please, Netherrealm, don't screw up the next Injustice.

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Toss it on Kickstarter, people will eat it up.

Especially if they were to do the Trilogy, and not just the 1st entry that was disgustingly low on character choices.

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these "cancelled game" articles are actually experiments by companies. They release these things and "gauge" audiences response. It makes investments easier

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@beowulf1211: same thing for all those "leaked" images and news heh.

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@Matthew-first: For whatever reason reading "leaked" really turned me on.

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@beowulf1211: word up

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Why do people feel the need to show us canceled games?

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@camou504: Because it's news whether you're interested or not.

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Give me MK Trilogy HD and I'll be all for it

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Wouldn't the game play be a bit too old school?

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Maybe because how abysmal MK collection was in terms of flexibility and conectivity. Don't get me wrong, I loved 90s games, they still hold a place in my heart, but don't get that remaster, go for the emulator and roms: I already own the génesis cartdrige, wich makes it pretty legal to use 'em if you ask me.

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@santinegrete: dont tell me what to do.

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@doonish: it's a general advice, don't grow defensive kittie.

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@santinegrete: are the emulators and roms legal to use?

Avatar image for deactivated-5c9c41979056d

@streamline: It's a grey area, but for the most part "no". It's grey because if you dump the rom images yourself, then yes. It's legal as a means of a backup.

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bring back a good days ...90's

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Too bad this got cancelled. I wanted it so bad...

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Here's an article about this game, called Mortal Kombat HD: Kommunity Edition, and why the project was shut down:

It's an interview with Gabriel "Bleed" Melendez, one of the 3D modelers. It was apparently Warner Brothers that convinced the team to shut it down down because even if the game were made available for free, the lawyers explained over the phone, it would have been copyright infringement because it goes beyond fan art. In other words: games are not artistic expression. In the thread below, I saw references to Ed Boon tweeting responses to someone about Bleed's 3D models. I lost what page it was on, though, and there are hundreds of pages.

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@elheber: I don't think the takeaway should be that "games aren't artistic expression." Recreating any copyrighted work, be it a novel, movie, or any other medium, and distributing it through any means is copyright infringement unless certain (often nebulous) conditions are met regarding additions, changes, or distribution of the work, specifically in accordance with Fair Use. Fanart (usually) gets a pass for various reasons (not distributed, too many to reasonably deal with, bad PR to go after them, etc.), but a fan game which is basically an existing, and still sold through digital means and compilations, game is crossing a line, at least with some companies.

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@BladeManEXE: I think competing with the real product is the key. In that case, you're totally right.

Fan art usually doesn't compete with (or better said "displace sales of") the product they're making tribute to. In other words, Stephen Universe fan art drawings aren't a show. If someone made The Stephen Universe Live Action Fan Show with entire episodes done, then one could argue that people could start watching the fan show instead of tuning into the actual show.

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This is a video of that fan-made HD project that Boon was referring to.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

@elheber: lol. that looks TOTALLY different. from healthbars to backgrounds etc.

why do you have to make up bullshit like this? why bother?

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@groowagon: OMG, please don't be a dumbass. I ask this as a favor.

The background is the same. The "screenshot" was a mockup created by a Brazilian forum user called UNREALWINS and he posted it here:

He used the stage background from that project along with pictures from the real life MK2 reboot photoshoot here:

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Yeah I love Mortal Kombat and have always supported it and enjoyed it but Ed Boon, we need more new content and characters than what we had with MKX. I felt like players were robbed of content and of a good story and of playable characters. I loved the game as a whole, but in comparison to the MK that came before it, its a world of difference in terms of content. I felt that the story was half assed with MKX where as with previous MK, it was enjoyable and thrilling. MKX just feels like a game that isn't fully developed yet and still has much more content to add. Please Ed we need much more!!

Avatar image for deactivated-5c9c41979056d

@Jimbowesker: "more" is a nebulous and immature request. It takes a lot, and is extremely difficult, to make "more". Specifically beause as much as you demand "more", there is an equal or louder mob demanding, "the same!". They want all old characters, all old features, and they want it to feel just like the game they remember playing. making "new" and making "the same" often clashes dramatically. inevitably, they attempted to make the new content blend with the old content in order to give people new content but make it feel like the same game and same universe they had been playing.

Don't forget how BADLY most new MK characters are received. It is, after all, why there are so few characters from MK 4-Onward in the game.

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Avatar image for elheber

GameSpot readers to the rescue again.

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Yeah, it doesn't work visually. It looks a bit like cut-outs of flat photos stuck together.

Avatar image for chronocommander

@amaneuvering: That was what the original MK was, the pixellation helped hide some of it, so it looks like they went for the preservation of the original style with this dropped remake. I'm ok with it but can understand it doesn't work for everyone.

Avatar image for ______

@chronocommander: "I'm ok with it but can understand it doesn't work for everyone."

You make me sick.

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@______: Glad to hear that! Haters like you can spend their time being sick with their own hate.

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@chronocommander: I wish!... Cooties!!

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@______: circle, circle, dot, dot....

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@streamline: My saviour!

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