See Alfred Kick Butt in This New Batman: Arkham Knight PC Mod

"Be the butler."


A new Batman: Arkham Knight PC mod shows Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, in a totally more badass light. From the Batman Arkham Videos YouTube channel comes a new video that shows off the mod, in which Alfred becomes a playable character, jumping off buildings and laying waste to enemies.

There is even a romantic scene between Alfred and Catwoman, which is definitely a little weird. But my favorite part is probably at the five-minute mark, where Alfred demonstrates his true powers of (hilarious) evasion.

Arkham Knight launched in June. The console versions enjoyed a mostly positive critical reception, but the PC edition--developed externally--was plagued with problems. The issues were so severe that Warner Bros. removed the game from sale and may not have a fix ready until September. An "interim" patch, however, is expected to arrive in August.

In other news about Arkham Knight, the game's first story expansion, A Matter of Family, launched earlier this month on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version of the DLC has been delayed until the game's issues can be sorted out.

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