Section 8: Prejudice hits XBLA April 20

PC version of TimeGate first-person shooter sequel to launch May 4, with PlayStation Network version following this summer.


Section 8: Prejudice

The week of April 17 will be a big one for shooter fans on all major consoles. SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs will debut on the PlayStation 3, The Conduit 2 is expected to launch on the Wii, and TimeGate Studios today announced that its own Section 8: Prejudice would hit Xbox Live Arcade on April 20. While the other two aforementioned games are system exclusive, TimeGate's first-person shooter sequel will hit PC downloadable storefronts on May 4, with a PS3 edition following this summer.

Gamers will also be able to play Prejudice as a first-person stabber.
Gamers will also be able to play Prejudice as a first-person stabber.

The original Section 8 was a full-priced retail release for the Xbox 360 and PC when it launched in September of 2009, with a downloadable PS3 edition following last year. The game eschewed convention by merging genre-standard match types like escort missions and Capture the Flag into a single Conquest mode that could have multiple team-based objectives running at the same time.

Prejudice will feature online multiplayer modes with up to 32 players, as well as a four-player cooperative mode called Swarm. The game also makes concessions to offline gamers with a five-hour single-player campaign and full bot support, ensuring all the game modes can be experienced without going online.

For more on Section 8: Prejudice, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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