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Secretlab Unveils Its First Final Fantasy Gaming Chair

The latest Titan Evo gaming chair crossover design is perfect for sitting through long raids.


Final Fanasy XIV's next big expansion, Dawntrail, launches on July 2. In celebration of the new release, Square Enix is teaming up with Secretlab on a Final Fantasy XIV edition of the Titan Evo gaming chair. You can preorder the first Final Fantasy Secretlab chair now for $624, and orders will begin shipping on June 20.

The Titan Evo Final Fantasy XIV edition features Secretlab's NEO hybrid leatherette fabric with a unique blue and gold color scheme themed after the game. The front of the chair is emblazoned with the game's iconic logo and crystalline detailing, while the back sports a large decal of the Crystal Ecarch's Ocular--a location FFXIV players will be very familiar with. You can also customize the chair with magnetic interchangeable patches featuring the DPS, healer, and tank role icons that attach to the left shoulder padding. All three patches are included with the chair.

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Not only does the Final Fantasy XIV edition Titan Evo gaming chair look great, but it also includes all the excellent features and ergonomics that make it our favorite gaming chair on the market, including the cold-cure foam padding, adjustable armrests, and dynamic lumbar support.

The new Titan Evo design is just one part of the Final Fantasy XIV x Secretlab cross over, there are also new designs for Secretlab's memory foam lumbar pillow based on the Alpha Chocobo and Fat Car in-game companion critters that you can add to your chair as an additional purchase.

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The new Final Fantasy XIV edition Titan Evo gaming chair and two new lumbar pillows are available for $59 each at Secretlab.

Secretlab has been on a roll with the collabs lately. Last month, the company announced a similar Titan Evo crossover design based on the Space Marines from Warhammer 40K. Both the Warhammer and Final Fantasy XIV designs join the long list of official designs available for the Titan Evo.

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