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Secretlab Titan Evo League Of Legends Gaming Chairs Revealed

The first collaboration in Secretlab's 2022 Series features a trio of League of Legends gaming chairs.


Fresh off of releasing the Titan Evo 2022 Series, Secretlab has announced its first new collaboration for the gaming chair line. Secretlab is celebrating the Ruination in the League of Legends universe by releasing three themed chairs based on League characters. Secretlab's earlier lineup of League of Legends-themed gaming chairs featured some of the manufacturer's best designs, and the new trio of chairs also look pretty darn cool.

Titan Evo 2022 League of Legends Gaming Chairs
Titan Evo 2022 League of Legends Gaming Chairs

The new gaming chairs feature designs revolving around Viego, Miss Fortune, and Pyke. They are available in Secretlab's new NEO Hybrid Leatherette material. All three chairs come in small ($429), regular ($449), and extra large sizes ($499), and each chair comes with a magnetic head pillow.

Viego's chair features his signature blade on the front and a decorative design on the back. Though most of the chair is black, it's accented with blue and gold to give it a striking look. Miss Fortune's design includes her pistols on the front and smoke pluming from the barrels on the back. It mixes red, black, gold, and white--the design definitely stands out. Meanwhile, Pyke's chair features his dagger on the front and his formidable armor on the back. The shoulder wings have a scale-like texture and look inspired by jaull-fish.

Secretlab's new Titan Evo gaming chair is a marked improvement on the 2020 Series. With a more ergonomic design, better lumbar support, and a premium feel, the Titan Evo is the best gaming chair in its price range. For more on Secretlab's 2022 Series, check out our full Titan Evo review. And keep in mind that if you want the improvements of the Titan Evo but prefer a different League of Legends design, all of the older themes (as well as plenty more designs) are available for the Titan Evo, too.

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