Secret GTA 5 Online Mission Unlocks After You Get Really, Really Drunk

Getting blackout drunk has its benefits--in GTA Online at least.


Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online have lots of secrets to discover, and now dedicated fans have found yet another one of them. The new Diamond Casino update for GTA Online might be headlined by the introduction of the titular casino, but that's not all it contains. Players have been digging into the new content since its recent launch and now have discovered a special mission that is apparently only accessible by getting really, really drunk.

As explained by Kotaku, here's how it works: First, you must own a penthouse in the Diamond Casino because that's how you get the ability to play story missions through the update. After you've done that, visit the public bar or your own penthouse bar and starting knocking back shots of Macbeth Whisky. The goal here is to get so wasted that you black out and wake up somewhere else.

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You can wake up in all manner of different places, so the trick with this Easter Egg seems to be to simply keep destroying your character's liver with booze until you trigger the mission. Try enough times and you may eventually wake up outside, far away from the Casino, with paramedics tending to you after your big night of partying.

The casino manager calls you and asks, "So, how's the hangover?" In your drunken stupor you borrowed a Pisswasser beer truck and the manager, Ms. Baker, says she'll be more forgiving if you bring it back to her at the Casino. She also cracks a joke about how you were such a drunken jerk without ever saying a word, which is a reference to how GTA Online characters do not speak.

Complete the mission and Ms. Baker says to you, "Congratulations. Your damage limitation skills are second to none."

The reward for completing the mission is the ability to take on more missions. Check out the video above from YouTube user Ice InfluX to see the secret mission in action. A second secret Casino mission was also discovered, and--you guessed it--it also involves getting sloshed.

GTA Online's Diamond Casino update launched at the end of July, and it's proven to be wildly popular. After the update was released, GTA Online had its most players ever, which is a remarkable achievement given that the game was released in 2013.

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