Secret Codes Found in Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Community detective work unlocks new sections on game's official website.

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The latest Batman Arkham Knight trailer, which aired on Wednesday and showcased the game's squad of supervillains, contains a trio of secret codes that had triggered a frenzy of debate on social media and fan sites.

Onlookers spotted the first two numbers rather easily. The first, at 0:25, reads "pPL2a3Mn Ppi3mAMpyL2," while the second (appearing at 1:47) reads "c Rcn3n3 N2Jn3tjHn2."

Then, it emerged that the Arkham Knight website had updated, this time with code input options. Entering an incorrect code returns the phrase, "Incorrect password. Please locate cipher." Entering one of the codes found in the trailer, however, returns the phrase "Please decode cipher instructions and use elsewhere."

This led many people, including fans who had gathered on a Reddit thread, to begin deciphering the codes, and hunt for the third.

How the two codes became cracked, how the third code was found, and the resulting rewards, can be found below in the spoiler text.

Beneath that is a gallery of recent game artwork.

The third code was hard to spot, but eventually found seven seconds into the trailer. Then, one Reddit user managed to crack the code by noticing that the letters in each one would spell out a character's name, which when lined up with the alphabet in a certain pattern, decodes three clues.

Each of these clues refer to lines of dialogue and locations in Arkham Asylum. So, the code which contained letters of the name Harley Quinn, once decoded, would return the clue "her first line." Harley Quinn's first line in Arkham Asylum is "yeah right," which is the correct password for the website.

The remaining passwords, and the detective work required to crack them, can be found here. Each password, once entered onto the Arkham Knight website, returns bios on three of the villains, including the game's main antagonist, Scarecrow.

Originally intended to be released in 2014, Batman Arkham Knight's release date has been delayed again, this time to June 23. The game is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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