Secret Code - JFK Reloaded, Lone Survivor, The Splatters

Danny takes aim at the best and worst games you've probably never heard of in GameSpot's latest show, Secret Code.


If you fancy giving any of the games on this week’s show a go, use the links below. If you play any of these games, why not share your thoughts on them in the comments below. Or shoot me an email or a twitter thing.

Download this week's games:

Lone Survivor (PC / Mac)
Buy it on Steam or DRM free via the developer's website.

JFK Reloaded (PC)
Download the full game on Fileplanet.

The Splatters (Xbox 360)
Buy it on Xbox Live Marketplace and learn more about the developers here.

The Walking Dead: Episode One (Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / PC / Mac)
Buy it on PC and Mac via Steam or through Telltale Games.
Buy it on Xbox Live Marketplace.
Buy it on PlayStation Network.

Sniper Elite v2 ( Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / PC )
Buy it on Steam.
Download the demo on Xbox Live Marketplace.

You can watch or download the site version of this episode right here.

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