Secret Agent Clank gets license to sell June 17

Insomniac's diminutive robot sidekick steps into the limelight with his own PSP adventure next month.


Secret Agent Clank

In 2006, Sony produced a critical hit for the PlayStation Portable by splitting up Naughty Dog's dynamic duo Jak and Daxter and giving the series' sidekick his own adventure. The company is hoping lightning strikes twice with a solo adventure for the sidekick of its other famed tandem, Ratchet & Clank.

It won't be long before Sony finds out if the plan works, as a post on the official PlayStation blog this week confirms Secret Agent Clank will be infiltrating stores for the PSP June 17.

Clank's first solo outing is being developed by High Impact Games, creators of the first PSP Ratchet & Clank game, 2007's Size Matters. In the game, Ratchet has apparently turned to crime, and it's up to Clank to clear his friend's name. While Clank is the focus of the game, players will also get the chance to take control of the series' fraudulent hero Captain Qwark, among others.

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