Second Wave of Squad Assault incoming

West Front follow-up adds three new campaigns, new missions to 2003's WWII squad-based tactics game.


Squad Assault: Second Wave

The follow-up to the 2003 World War II tactical real-time strategy game Squad Assault: West Front has shipped to stores, just in time for the 66th anniversary of the United Kingdom and France declaring war on Germany.

Squad Assault: Second Wave takes the content from West Front and adds new campaigns, new battles, and new modder-made maps. The series is best known for incorporating a psychological element into its battles, where individual soldiers react differently to events and orders. If one grunt sees the rest of his squad mowed down around him by machine-gun fire, he may cower and ignore all orders, break and run, or go berserk with a suicidal charge on the enemy. Squad Assault was created by Eric Young, who previously worked on the Close Combat and V for Victory series of games.

Squad Assault: Second Wave is rated T for Teen and retails for $29.99. GameSpot's full review is up now.

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