Second Silent Hill movie starts filming this week

Wolverine's Adelaide Clemens and Game of Thrones' Kit Harington join Konami game-inspired project.

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Hot on the heels of news of a fifth Resident Evil film comes word of another game-inspired film project. Showbiz trade magazine Variety today reports that this week will see the commencement of filming of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in Toronto, Canada. The film is the follow-up to 2006's Silent Hill, which was based on the 1999 original PlayStation game of the same name from Japanese publisher Konami.

Welcome back to Silent Hill.
Welcome back to Silent Hill.

While the original film was directed by Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf), the sequel will be helmed and written by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane). It will also get new stars in the form of Adelaide Clemens (X-Men Origins : Wolverine and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road) and Kit Harington, who starts in HBO's forthcoming fantasy series Game of Thrones. The project is being produced by Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody, who also produced the Resident Evil films, and is set for release later this year.

Considered one of the leading survival horror franchises, the Silent Hill series of games takes place in the titular town, which is the site of various supernatural disturbances. (The next game in the series, Downpour, is set for release later this year.) While the first film followed a woman searching for her daughter, the second will follow a teenage girl who is on the run with her father. According to the Internet Movie Database, the girl's 18th birthday leads to a variety of complications, including her father's disappearance and an entryway into a demonic world that may trap her permanently.

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Ofcourse ill watch it!! Love the first movie!

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This is exciting,3-D or not it'll be available in both formats. I am a little concerned of the new director but this should be good. The first one wasn't bad at all, it had the right eerie feel and look and the acting wasn't bad. I do hope they focus a little more on the psyche and horror of the Silent Hill Series. The first one is one of the best game to movies out there.I am glad in the second one they are not trying to retell a story that was in the games, that never works well.

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I too hope they respect the gaming franchise and not try to make it like the Resident evil movies which are horrible. Too bad Christophe Gans didn't come on board for this one.

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Yeah, the 3D thing is not reassuring considering that the producers might want to market visuals instead of a good script, but I'm just hoping that the director and actors have respect for the game. SH the movie wasn't fantastic but Chris Gans at least had enough respect for the game that the movie wasn't horrible. I actually kinda liked it, AND I'm a big fan of the SH games.

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Did anyone other than myself dislike the Resident Evil movies because of the horrible soundtracks?

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This makes me sad just like the first one did.

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The first movie was great...but seeing 3D in the title makes me have bad thoughts *cough* RE: Afterlife *cough*

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Already? I'm still wanting my money back from the first one!!! This is salt in the wound.

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i loved the first one from artistic styling to fantastic special effects. while not truely "scary" it did ring true to the games and i hope the budget only increases and they dont rush production

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I thought the first one was decent, if nothing else, then it had the right "look" and "feel". Hope this one's better.

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"picks up gun from the feet of the dead juberline wipes blood off puts gun to head and pulls trigger"........................................

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*puts gun to head and pulls the trigger*............................................................

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Have just read that Sean Bean is in talks to reprise his role for this. I also heard that originally he was the focus of the first film and they changed it halfway through and made the girl from Farscape the main focus. My guess is that when he signed up for the 1st he had an option to be in sequels, and the talks are about working out whether it is cheaper to write him in or buy him out.

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Silent Hill is one of the few Game Based Movies that is worth watching.

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i hope the second one stands with all the video games released before this movie,all the elements should be at the right place in order for this to success

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@ Darkreaper_1: Don Carmody and Sam Hadida produced the first movie. And it was awesome. No doubt part 2 will be awesome, as well.

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@shafrox Solomon Kane got an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. Anyway the crew doesn't seem like the right crew to create a psychological/atmospheric horror film...

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I really hope they make it good because Silent Hill is actually a video game that has so much potential to be a great horror film; I'd personally give the directing/producing to an Asian as many Asians are known for their great psychological/atmospheric styles. First movie wasn't bad either.

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Hated the 1st, why wait for the 2nd?

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nice i cant wait for it

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caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan'T waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait fooooooooooor this masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE LOOOVE DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDLY LOVE SILENT HIIIIIIILLLLLL OMG I CANT WAIT I LOOOOOOOOVE SILENT HILLL!!

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I found the original SH movie to be a near-miss. Probably the worst feature of it was the cut-aways to Sean Bean which, to my mind, disrupted the atmosphere it was trying to build. The ending had a certain amount of sting, at least, and the creature design was decent. I really hope the new movie remembers to focus on atmosphere and twisting reality, rather than, God help us, an action-movie approach.

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the reason they escaped to th SH3 cause in the movie they used the elements of SH1 & SH2 instead a father looking for his lost daughter after the car's crash and the monsters..ect

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" the sequel will be helmed and written by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane)." If you want somone to do a film with ash falling constantly throughout, this is the guy you want.

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"While the original film was directed by Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf), the sequel will be helmed and written by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane)." To me this is bad news. I think that the first Silent Hill game is the only decent game to film adaptation. What's worse is this: "The project is being produced by Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody, who also produced the Resident Evil films" I think this film will be awful!

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Whoa the director of Wolverine? That was a B movie with Hollywood budget so my cristal ball says it will suck.

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Yay! Now I can be bored to death in three dimensions. The first Silent Hill movie was a plodding, pointless mess.

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@umster haha :D

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The reason they skipped to part 3 is because that game is a direct sequel to part 1. they're following the chronology of the games... so it makes sense

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When I read "3D", it was like someone pooped in my corn flakes...

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The Silent Hill movie was, in my opinion, the best game to movie adaptation i've seen. I hope the second movie doesn't change the recipe too much, atmosphere and slight phycological story did it for me, and it definitely stayed true to the f**ked up creature's they had from the games.

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I'm a freak for the first 3 SH games, especially the first and second, and I loathed the movie. For a number of reasons that I don't feel like getting into again. Still, I'll give this movie a watch. Can't be much worse.

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@SPBoss thats because im a cartoon version of you !!!! dodododo do do do (x-files music if your wondering) XD

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The first Silent Hill film was really good, I just hope this time around they go more for a real ending and not the whole "dead man's last dream" ending. I'll definitely add this to my films to see list.

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I didn't even know there were 4 resident evil movies:P I thought there were 2.

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This sounds kinda similar to Heather and Harry Mason. Does anyone know if it'll follow the same type of storyline as Silent Hill 2?

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@Johny_47 Yeah the mother, daughter, cop, and all of the towns residents were stuck in Limbo. (Similar to purgatory) The ashes, pyramid head, creatures, and darkness were all a part of the Hell that the little tortured girl created for the Towns people through manifestation. I'm still not sure why the mother and daughter didn't move on and were left to wander their home in another existance.

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Jesus gamespot, this is really old news.

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the 1st silent hill,,,,,, BEST VIDEO GAME MOVIE EVER!!!!! dang i cant wait for this!!!

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Finally another Silent Hill Movie I hope this is going to be better than the last because the last Silent Hill Movie was AMAZING. Can't Wait :D

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Enough with the 3D already! Just make a good movie without us wearing those ridiculous glasses!

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I was told the first film was quite bad surprised they are bothering with a second.

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this, unlike resident evil, might actually be cool in 3-D because they could have things actually pop-out and scare you.

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I liked the first film, it stayed so true to the game's feel(I've only watched a friend play two of the games so don't know much about the characters, except the pyramid man =P) so I'm looking forward to this, the first one had a really weird ending but I think I understood it, the blonde ladie's character was dead aswell when she came home with her daughter?

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Nothing like having my hopes for a good sequel to the first movie flushed down the toilet. Why the hell would they skip the story of silent hill 2 and go straight to the third story! I thought the first movie ended perfectly to set up the story to follow the second game, where the Sean Bean character would go looking for his wife and daughter in silent hill. Only to find out that he killed his wife and finds the weird possessed demon girl as his daughter from the first movie. And I wish they would cut out the 3d crap. Unless the movie is filmed in 3d then it's not worth seeing. Cause movies that are turned into 3d after being made just look like a blurry fuzzy turd that gives headaches!

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I liked the first one so

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I very much enjoyed the first film, but I feel like it's gonna be this 3D crap thats gonna drag it down 100 fold. The film industry really needs to stop with all this 3D BS cuz it's messing up what could be good films. Avatar was one and only film that did the whole 3D thing correctly so they need to get over it already.

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If pyramid head makes an apearance then I will watch it no matter how bad the reviews are