Second Opinion: Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story may be the best looking game ever. Here's the latest pictures to show you why.


This game was pleasantly surprising, much in the way that winning the lottery is pleasantly surprising - Vagrant Story looks incredible. "Metal Gear Solid in the Middle Ages" could easily be the title's friendly tagline, but the game looks as if it could actually hold up to such a lofty comparison. The textures and environments are some of the most detailed the PlayStation has ever seen, and while the aging machine handles them both gracefully, one can't help but wonder how the title would appear on the PlayStation 2 or Dolphin. The combination of moody lighting, shadows, stunning architecture, and character design all create a world that really looks like a medieval environment - and not some slapped-together Quake Total Conversion.

Vagrant Story's character designs come from the same designer responsible for those in Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics. His work, previously relegated to small sprites, looks fantastic as it fills the screen in full 3D. The player feels as if he's been directly immersed in the detailed medieval environments of Final Fantasy Tactics. As with Metal Gear Solid, the game's relatively short length looks to be counterbalanced by fantastic artistry and involving gameplay - Vagrant Story is no "traditional" RPG. With a Metal Gear sequel still a new gaming platform away, Vagrant Story should satisfy gamers aching for more Tactical Espionage Action.

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