Second Life minigame gets second life

Crave picks up bingo-puzzle game hybrid Tringo for November release on Game Boy Advance.



Crave Entertainment announced today that it has signed the Tringo license and will be releasing the game for the Game Boy Advance in November, with a retail price of $19.99. An odd hybrid of Tetris and bingo, Tringo began its life as a simple diversion created for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Second Life by one of its players.

While that would ordinarily make the game the property of Linden Labs, the company changed the game's terms of service shortly after launch so that users maintained intellectual property rights to their in-game creations. That was good news for Second Life resident Kermitt Quick, who created Tringo and then watched as it caught on big with the Second Life community. In fact, Tringo caught on so much that Quick sold the real-world licensing rights to it in March.

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