Second beta test detailed for online Tales game

Namco on lookout for 50,000 beta testers for its online RPG next week; free PSP given out to lucky winners.


TOYKO--Namco announced that it will hold its second closed beta testing of the PC role-playing game Tales of Eternia Online from January 16 to February 6. The test will mainly serve to work out final adjustments to the game and server-capacity assurance, possibly hinting that Namco is coming close to making an official launch date. The company originally planned Tales of Eternia Online's launch for spring 2006, but in January, it was postponed to an unspecified date.

Registration for Tales of Eternia Online's second beta test will begin on December 13 through its official site. There will be 50,000 registrants picked for the test, and they'll be notified by mail after January 5. Users that miss out will still get a chance to try out the game before the general public, as Namco also plans on holding an open beta test later on.

Characters that are created during the closed beta test period can be carried on to the open beta test, although the experience points, skills, and items earned during the test will be reset. Namco hasn't announced if characters from the open beta period can also be carried on to the launch.

Gamers that register for Tales of Eternia Online will also get an additional bonus. Namco is giving out ceramic white PSP Value Packs bundled with a copy of Tales of Eternia to 10 lucky registrants, regardless of whether or not they win a spot for the beta test. There will be 500 additional registrants who will also get a free QUO card, a prepaid card that can be used for shopping, worth 500 Yen ($4.13).

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Oooooh yeah...$ could buy a lot one soda and some pocky....or something.

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Too bad that you have to be a resident of Japan. I would like to get in on the testing.

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I wonder if Namco will offer a similar promotion in the U.S. That white PSP sure looks nice, plus cash and a new game would be great too. U.S. game companies, we need more exclusives and promotions! =P

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I just want that whopping 500 Yen.

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why the heck wasn't i born in japan?

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It makes sense the a closed beta will be Japanese only. Closed betas are mostly about gameplay balancing and bug testing. Since the developers are Japanese, I'm sure they'd like their feedback to be in their native language. Anyway, the Tales series is awesome, and I hope this comes to the US soon.

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If it comes out in Japan, some people import it. Not all citizens of the world are restricted to one language. Plus, multiple MMOs have been released in Asia only to cross the Pacific to arrive on US consumers' computers (FFXI).

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Dude, I just said you have to be a Japanese resident to apply. It's in the "collection of important points" section.

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Would love to sign up on the 13th, but the official site's all in Japanese! Doh!

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As a side note: the translated site is almost funny enough to warrant a visit. Just thought you might want to know. And stuff...

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Just visited the site. All in Japanese. Translated site with BabelFish: almost as incomprehensible. But I did find out that you have to be a Japanese resident. So there goes that.

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I'm guessing that the beta test is only open to Japanese. If that's the case, why is it a news story?

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but i cant read it

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yayi wanan try

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that games looks intresting..

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Never even heard of the game but it MIGHT be worth lookin into cuz its made by Namco

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Make sure you go through all the news threads and let us know what you think of those as well.

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cool. I dont care.