Season Ticket Baseball 2003 announced

The next installment in Infogrames' baseball management series is coming to the PC in March.


Season Ticket Baseball 2003

Infogrames has announced that it will publish Season Ticket Baseball 2003 for the PC in March. The game will let players assume the role of the owner, general manager, and manager of their favorite baseball team over multiple seasons, or even decades. As the owner, players can build their team through the minor leagues, or they can buy their way to the top with free agents. As general manager, players can trade a star player for multiple young prospects, and as manager they can set the lineup, oversee the pitching staff, make critical decisions in the dugout, and argue questionable calls with the umpire.

"Season Ticket Baseball 2003 gives PC baseball enthusiasts even more control over their teams," said Paul Rinde, senior vice president of Infogrames' Minneapolis label. "We've added a more realistic financial system, enhanced artificial intelligence, and a 'trade block' that enables a team to shop a player to all teams. We're certain that these and other new features will entice gamers who were fans of the original Season Ticket Baseball, along with baseball fans nationwide interested in a game that accurately simulates the great national pastime."

Season Ticket Baseball 2003 is in development at Out of the Park Developments, and it is scheduled for release in March.

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