Season Passes are Not Good for Gamers, says Hitman Dev

IO Interactive believes that DLC passes are not good deals for gamers.


The season pass has become a part of video games, like it or not. More than ever season passes accompany game releases, selling all the DLC for games up front.

Not everyone in the industry is on board with this trend, however. Hitman developer IO Interactive believes that this isn't the right way to go about selling extra content. In an interview with, studio head Hannes Seifert explained that IO is trying to do something different to encourage players to buy its games.

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"We think it's wrong to approach players like that because players want to be part of that experience but they don't necessarily want to be ripped off," Seifert said. "What we're going to sell is all of that but it's for a one-price package."

The new Hitman game, announced this week at E3, is positioned to be a platform to build upon in the months after its release. Following a substantial initial offering, digital episodes will launch periodically for free. Some of these will be time-sensitive, appearing and then disappearing forever after a certain amount of time. It will launch digitally first in December on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and later on IO will release a retail disk with all of the additional Hitman content.

Keep an eye on GameSpot for all things Hitman in the coming months.

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