Season 6 Ladder now locked

This is your last chance to get a few games in before the 2014 Ladder Season 1 begins.


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It's that time again. With 2013 wrapping up, Blizzard has finally put 2013 Ladder Season 6 on lock down. While players can no longer be promoted out of their current league or division, they can still play out their remaining bonus pools and compete for standing in their respective divisions. More crucially, matchmaking skill ratings will not be put in stasis; how you play will contribute to your 2014 Season 1 league placement.

The Americas will be turning over to the first season of 2014 ladder competition on January 3 2014 at 01:01 CET, with the Grandmaster League commencing a week after the season roll. Bonus pools will reset, but hidden skill ratings and league placement will carry over to the next season. There's an updated map pool for the upcoming season and the option for a free character name change.

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