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Sean Bean, Who Definitely Never Dies, Is Hitman 2's First Elusive Target

"Sean Bean the Undying" has a nice ring to it.


IO Interactive has announced its first Elusive Target mission for Hitman 2--read our Hitman 2 review for details--and it stars none other than the man of many lives (and deaths), actor Sean Bean. Bean plays Mark Faba, an MI5 agent gone rogue as a freelance assassin. Faba has gained a reputation for faking his death, even earning the nickname "The Undying." Agent 47 might have a thing or two to say about that.

The Undying will release as the first Elusive Target on November 20, one week after the release of Hitman 2. The mission takes place in Miami, where Faba is trying to complete his own contract at the Global Innovation Race event in Miami. You'll have ten days to complete it. As with the first Hitman, Elusive Targets are free, temporary missions that you'll only have one chance to complete.

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A live-action trailer accompanying the announcement stars Bean as Faba, talking with a therapist about his life as an assassin and describing the various ways he's eluded death. The role as an expert in faking his own death serves another purpose as a meta-joke, as Sean Bean has become known for playing characters who ultimately die. This is similar to the last Hitman game, which set actor Gary Busey as an Elusive Target.

Hitman 2 adds a new Sniper Assassin mode, which lets you take down targets from a distance solo or paired with a partner. You can gain access to that instantly by pre-ordering, or pre-order a Silver or Gold Edition for more bonuses like extra gear. The Gold Edition also includes four days of early access to the game. You can read more details in our pre-order guide.

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