Sean Bean Can't Catch a Break, Even in Doom, a Game He Isn't In

His name seems to be among the Easter eggs discovered so far in Doom.


Sean Bean has a propensity for portraying characters who end up dead sooner or later. He seemingly can't even catch a break in Doom, a video game he has nothing to do with. Some Doom Easter egg spoilers lie ahead.

As pictured in the tweet below from writer Richard Cobbett, Doom players can happen upon a screen that displays information about casualties on the base. It notes that 61,000-plus have died and offers up a list of those individuals' names. Pay close attention and you'll see Sean Bean's name among those who have perished.

Image credit: Richard Cobbett
Image credit: Richard Cobbett

It's not confirmed that this is meant to reference Bean specifically, whose list of on-screen deaths is far too lengthy and spoiler-y to share here. (He memorably dies in video games, too.) But there are other, more overt references in Doom that make it easier to believe this is the case.

Among those that have been discovered so far is a wink to Terminator 2 that you can see at 2:40 mark of our video featuring some of Doom's brutal deaths. Users on Reddit have also discovered Easter eggs centered around Fallout (which shares a publisher with Doom), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (ditto), and Commander Keen (one of developer id Software's earlier games).

Doom released earlier today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; you can get it on any of those platforms for $45 at Newegg using a promo code. If you want to see more, check out GameSpot's Doom campaign livestream.

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