Sealed Super Mario Bros. Copy Could Set Record For Most Expensive Video Game

The game's price could easily eclipse the Nintendo PlayStation prototype sold last year.


Mario loves collecting coins, but we seriously doubt he can afford the sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. currently available for purchase.The NES hit, still in pristine condition, is being sold online for over $300,000. Should the price go much higher, it will break the record for the most expensive video game item ever sold.

You can view the game for yourself on the Heritage Auctions website. Rated at a 9.6/10 in terms of its quality, the sealed copy is from mid-production for the game, between 1986 and 1987, and even has a perforated cardboard hangtab still attached. Less than a year ago, a separate copy of the game sold for only about one-third what this game is going for.

You might need cheat codes to afford this one.
You might need cheat codes to afford this one.

Proxy bidding for the game will continue for the next seven days, with the auction itself planned for April 1 through April 4. We'll keep an eye on the listing to see how high the price can go.

So, how far will the price have to climb to beat the record? One year ago, the prototype Nintendo PlayStation console sold for $380,000, which is nearly unfathomable. The console never actually made it to production, as Nintendo pulled out of its agreement to create a Super Nintendo add-on with Sony and the latter company instead created its own game console.

The winner of the auction was founder Greg McLemore, who beat out Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. He plans to open a museum to house the console so others can come see it, too. The previous owner was Terry Diebold, who passed away later that year.

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