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Sea Of Thieves: We Broke Its Graphics And The Game Turned Neon Green

Real ghost pirates.

Sea of Thieves on Xbox One and PC is a good-looking game. In addition to its delightfully cartoony art style, it sports some of the best water we've ever seen in a game. But what would happen if you turned it down to its lowest settings--and then went even further than that? Would the water still look nice? Luckily for you, we have the answer.

On this week's episode of Potato Mode, the show where we take gorgeous games and make them look like mush, Joey and Nick wreak havoc on Sea of Thieves. They start by turning all the in-game settings as low as they'll go, which is surprisingly fine. Then they do some tinkering in the background files, which makes everything just terrible. Then they get drunk.

There's a shark, there's a ghost ship, there are skeletons, and there's a lot of invisible vomit. But the water? Well, it mostly looks okay.

You can watch new episodes of Potato Mode every Friday on GameSpot. Let us know in the comments what other games you'd like to see Joey and friends ruin. And for more on Sea of Thieves, be sure to check out our review.

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

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