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Sea Of Thieves Is Getting A Major Overhaul For Season 11

The seas are changing, matey.


Sea of Thieves' biggest update yet is scheduled to go live on January 23rd. As fans eagerly wait for the update Rare shared some insight on why the dev team decided to make such big changes to the game.

Thanks to a series of posts on X/Twitter by Joe Neate, the executive producer of Sea of Thieves, we have more information on the thought process behind season 11. He explained that everything being changed has "been considered to the tiniest detail by the team."

In a follow-up post, Neate shared his thoughts on how the Season 11 update was great overall because it was "one of the biggest improvements" the studio could have made while staying true to what makes Sea of Thieves special.

Season 11 introduces various new things to the game. Some of these include a fast-travel system that players can use in some circumstances, as well as a time system informing players on how long missions will be. Also, players will now earn a portion of in-game rewards for completing a voyage, even before they've actually cashed in their loot.

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