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Sea Of Thieves Is Adding A New Loadout Weapon For The First Time Since Launch

Several new weapons have come to the game, but this will be the first to be added to the ship's armory since 2018.


Sea of Thieves will receive a new weapon class for the first time since the game launched six years ago, Rare revealed to GameSpot in a recent interview. The team isn't ready to share exactly what that weapon is, but unlike other new weapons that have arrived over the years, such as the Trident of Dark Tides and the Ashen Winds skull, which must be found in the open world, this new weapon will be available as the newest class that players can equip from any armory, such as the one on their ship or at forts and outposts.

Since launch, the game has featured four weapon classes--sword, sniper, shotgun, and pistol--sporting Sea of Thieves' intentional flat progression system where each class has its own unlisted stats but any two weapons within a class share the same stats. This mechanic ensures that all players new and old have no statistical advantages and instead rely on their experience and creativity. This new weapon will presumably abide by the same principles.

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The game's creative director, Mike Chapman, said the weapon is one of several new tools coming to the game in upcoming seasons and that, in testing, these new items have become "really high-impact tools, tools that changed the meta and the sandbox and give you new interactions with others."

"Weapons, I think, is the obvious one that I call out, but I think just because some of our core [players may think], 'Wow, that's something you've never done in the six years,'" executive producer Joe Neate added. "But actually, a lot of this stuff is actually about, 'How do we create really fun, interesting dynamics between people and give people more ways to cause mischief or to have cool stories and encounters with others?'"

Sea of Thieves sets sail on PS5 on April 30 with DualSense support. For more on the game, don't miss how the team feels about the supposed console war.

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