Sea Of Thieves Dev Details How It'll Address Server And Performance Issues

Rough seas.


Sea of Thieves, one of the most anticipated Xbox One/Windows exclusives, finally launched this week--but its first couple of days haven't exactly been smooth. Players have been reporting numerous issues, including server instability, not receiving gold, and others. Today, developer Rare stated that it knows about the problems and spoke about its plans to fix them.

In a Twitter post, Rare explained that it's aware of the issues affecting some players. In response, it has published a developer update video that lays out the priorities for the studio in resolving the problems. You can watch it in the embed below; you can also read about Rare's Sea of Thieves priorities here.

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The top priority for Rare is resolving the server problem that results in players struggling to access the game during peak times. According to the studio, there are 3-4 times more people attempting to play the game at peak times than during the beta test, which resulted in Rare significantly underestimating the amount of server capacity it needed. The developer is also working on addressing delayed rewards, delayed Achievements, items going missing temporarily, and performance issues on the Xbox One X.

Rare expects fixes to the server issues to be rolled out gradually over the course of the next week, while updates to other problems to be fixed in the coming days. Rare also explained that delays to Achievements were temporary in order to increase the number of people that could access the game during peak times yesterday. The studio also stated that it'll continue to update players frequently as the issues are resolved.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC and Xbox One. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can grab the game as part of their subscription. In addition, there's some good deals going on that include Sea of Thieves with the purchase of an Xbox One X.

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