SDCC: Marvel's Avengers Story And Co-Op Modes Detailed At Comic-Con

Avengers, assemble in Hall H!

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Now Playing: Marvel's Avengers Story And Co-Op Details Announced At SDCC - GS News Update

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It's day two of San Diego Comic-Con, and the slew of big news for all the latest upcoming movies, TV, games, and comics is only beginning. During the Marvel Games panel during the event, the comic book company gave the first new details on the Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics since it debuted at E3 2019.

Marvel explained that once you finish the prologue--which acts as an introduction to each of its major characters--the world opens up and you gain access to a base on a reclaimed Helicarrier. From there you'll launch into single-player or co-op missions. The story campaign will be recognizable as a linear action game with you playing each character as the story unfolds.

The story trailer hinted at cameos from other notable names in the Marvel universe, as it was narrated by Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, who was attending the A-Day celebration.

For online missions, you can customize each Avenger with their own skill trees and cosmetics, and then team up with friends. The panel didn't announce what the larger world missions will consist of, but it's separate from the standard story missions.

Fans will be able to see all this for themselves shortly after Gamescom. The panel announced that footage of the demo will be released the week after that event, which is set to take place in late August.

For more on the many Marvel panels and much more out of Comic-Con, check out all of our coverage.

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It´s going to be so bad... What a waste.

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Awesome! Can't wait to see more in August!!

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What a waste of license

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They need to remake The Avengers arcade game. One of the best arcade quarter eaters ever, and it gets no love!

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@mbrogz3000: never heard of it. i doubt many people born before after 1990 would. get with the times old man

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Have some respect man. I hate the "get with the times" saying.

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@budah78: “i doubt many people born before after 1990 would.”

So...only people born in 1990 have heard of it?

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Awesome, very glad to find out these new gameplay details, that and i'm happy to hear that they will be at Gamescom