SDCC: Check Out The New Trailer For Marvel's Helstrom

Helstrom, the new Marvel TV show coming to Hulu, has premiered a brand new trailer.


A new trailer for Hulu's upcoming Marvel show, Helstrom, has debuted during the show's Comic-Con@Home panel.

The trailer gives fans a closer look at the dysfunctional Helstrom family, highlighting Daimon (Tom Austen), his sister Ana (Sydney Lemmon), and their mother Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel). The show will be standalone and independent from the MCU stories that exist both in theaters and on Disney+.

Showrunner Paul Zbsyzewski explained on the panel that Helstrom is a "really bad dad" story, and joked about the source material comics' full title, "Helstrom: Son of Satan." But he continued, saying that it's also a "nature vs. nurture" story that examines the "values we're imprinted with as we grow older, about the stuff we're born with, and about the stuff we carry with us."

In addition to childhood trauma and terrible father, the show is (naturally) also about demons and monsters--which is fortunate because the cast was quick to reveal that they're all definite believers in the supernatural.

The hospital scenes were filmed on location, which cast members Victoria Lemmon and Elizabeth Marvel assure fans is "totally haunted." Lemmon explained that she experienced all sorts of "spooky signs" from just the "energy of the place" to even seeing things written in dust on the floor during filming. And speaking of off-camera chills, Marvel explained that when she slips into her character Victoria Helstrom's "crazy voice," showcased in the trailer, some members of the crew were so freaked out they thought she was a "bear that somehow got onto the set" and even called security to check it out.

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